Fiona Mackintosh

Who Needs an Editor?

Every writer on the planet needs an editor. We writers are all – even the very best – too close to our own material to to be the best judge of its quality. We know too much about our subject, and it is too easy for us to overlook the inevitable typos and non-sequiturs that creep into our prose.

Your press releases, marketing materials, newsletters, reports, and web presence are the public’s introduction to you and your company. If they are riddled with typographical or grammatical errors, this will put off prospective clients. It will make your business look unprofessional regardless of how good your product or service may be. While the spellcheck function can catch many common mistakes, it cannot distinguish between two equally correctly spelled words – “there” and “their” for example. That’s because it cannot do what a trained editor can do – work with you, the author, to convey exactly what you want to say.

Working with a well-trained and experienced editor can make all of your written materials crystal clear and error-free and will make a vital contribution to the success of your project or business.


Why Fiona?

If you have a report to produce, I’m the partner you need. I have over 30 years experience with a wide range of clients and my rates are competitive and negotiable.When it comes to the written word, I can spin straw into gold and I can do it fast and accurately – as you’ll see from the testimonials from some of my many satisfied clients.  My philosophy is clear – you, the client, are the author and will always have the final say over your work. My job is simply to assist you to smooth out the wrinkles and find the best possible way to tell your story.